tisdag 30 augusti 2016

Abbas tid går mot sitt slut - vad kommer sen?

Abbas och de palestinska myndigheterna förlorade redan 2007 kontrollen över Gaza  till Hamas, nu håller samma sak på att hända på västbanken. Lokalvalen i oktober förväntas bli en seger för Hamas och det kan bli början till slutet för de palestinska myndigheternas och Fatah.
De senaste tiderna har Fatah terroristceller i Nablus stridit mot säkerhetsstyrkor och det är fullt möjligt att de kommer att ansluta sig till Hamas efter en eventuell valseger.
I Hebron förbigår klanledare de palestinska myndigheterna och väljer att skapa en egen allians.

Our world: The end of Mahmoud Abbas  (Caroline B Glick Jerusalem Post)
"16 years after the failed Camp David summit, the fiction of the two-state solution is about to be shattered once and for all. The only relevant question today, is what does Israel intend to do next?"

Palestinska scoutrörelsen framställer terrorist som förebild för ledare

För sex månader sedan blev den palestinska scoutrörelsen accepterad som fullvärdig medlem av  scouternas världsorganisation (World Organization of the Scout Movement).
Nu ställs berättigade krav på att den palestinska organisationen skall uteslutas eftersom organisationen i sin skolning av ledare framställer före detta scoutledaren Baha Alyan som förebild för de nya ledarna. Baha Alyan mördade senaste oktober tillsammans med en annan man tre personer på en buss i Jerusalem.

PMW asks “World Scout Movement” to cancel PA Scouts’ membership

The Palestinian Scouts hero who murdered my father

Palestinian Scout Association website shows picture of terrorist murderer Alyan in Palestinian Scouts uniform,
in its article about the "Leader Baha Alyan Course"
[Website of the Palestinian Scout Association, Aug. 25, 2016] (PMW)

fredag 26 augusti 2016

EU och FN betalar för palestinsk kampanj mot Israel

Ännu ett exempel på hur skattepengar från bland annat Europa går till palestinsk anti-israelisk verksamhet. Pengarna är tänkt att användas för att inkludera kvinnor i fredsarbetet men palestinierna använder dem för att driva internationella kampanjer mot Israel.

UN, EU help Palestinians build ICC suit against Israel (Jerusalem Post)
"...A small booklet with PA, UN and EU logos has already been printed to explain how the money would be allocated.

The plan’s budget includes $100,000 to document crimes against women “by the Israeli occupation,” to be “submitted to the ICC.” Another $150,000 would be spent on “preparing files of complaint” and $129,000 for “developing a monitoring mechanism.”

The plan also called for $202,500 to be set aside to build international coalitions against the “Israeli occupation” for “its non-compliance with international law.”

This includes campaigns that target the ICC, the UN Committee on the Status of Women and other international women’s rights organizations.

Some $54,000 would be spent on preparations for “UN resolutions to condemn the Israeli occupation and prosecute it for its violations at the expense of Palestinian women.”

Another $81,600, was earmarked for “presenting written and oral reports” to the United Nations Human Rights Council, particularly with regard to Agenda Item 7.

In addition, $118,800 would be spent on urging states to maintain commitments they have made to the Palestinians in international forums...."

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Israels svar på raketattacken från Gaza tyder på en ny politik

Israels svar på raketattacken från Gaza i söndags visar att Israel  har förändrat sin strategi. Hittills har Israel svarat på raketattacker med mycket begränsade insatser men efter söndagens attack utförde Israel närmare 50 olika attacker med flyg och artilleri.
En talesman för militären sade att man förändrat sin politik för att försvara Israels suveränitet. Raketattacken från Gaza gav Israel en möjlighet att slå ut en del strategiska Hamas mål och visar att Israel inte kommer att låta Hamas rusta upp och bygga upp sin vapenarsenal hur mycket som helst.

Latest Gaza-Israel flare-up a war-game shift (Jerusalem Post)
"In accepting the cease-fire in 2014, Hamas tried to dictate to Israel the game rules, which can be defined as follows: the two sides will continue to arm themselves in preparation for the next round, but until then will hold their fire and will not violate each other’s sovereignty.

Israel could not accept this logic.

However, Israel recently decided to change that policy, which is also based on taking advantage of occurring opportunities. Every time a rocket is fired against Israel from Gaza, as happened this week, IDF will use it to increase its fire power against all Hamas targets, assets and infrastructure, and will not only resort to its predicted, limited measured response. In other words, from now on not a single Hamas target or capability will have immunity.

The senior military source emphasized that the new policy was designed by Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eisnekot and approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon."

Israel targeted ‘key Hamas strategic assets’ in Sunday’s barrage

måndag 22 augusti 2016

Kan FN förändra sig?

En ny generalsekreterare skall väljas för FN. Kan det bli en början till att Israel behandlas på samma sätt som världens övriga nationer frågar sig Jerusalem Post i en ledare. Knappast...
A new UN
The UN’s predisposition against Israel is well documented. A low point was undoubtedly a 1975 resolution pushed by the Soviet Union that equated Zionism with racism...

For decades Israel has been the only member state consistently denied admission to a regional group, which is the organizational structure by which member states can participate in UN bodies and committees. Arab states refuse to allow Israeli membership in the Asian Regional Group, Israel’s natural geopolitical grouping...

Israel is the only country in the world that is singled out to appear on the UN Human Rights Council’s permanent agenda...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted to the UN’s bias during his visit to Israel in August 2013.

“Unfortunately, because of the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict, Israel’s been weighed down by criticism and suffered from bias – and sometimes even discrimination,” Ban said in response to a question about discrimination against Israel at the UN. “It’s an unfortunate situation,” he said, adding that Israel should be treated in the same way as all the other 192 member states...

The time has come for a restart. Ban ends his second term as secretary-general on December 31. Custom dictates that the job rotates between regions and it is now the turn of Eastern Europe. Two Bulgarian women are the front-runners for the position and they have an opportunity, where Ban has failed, to take steps to end the UN’s anti-Israel bias...

Raketattack från Gaza

Söndag eftermiddag sköts en raket från Gaza mot staden Sderot i Israel. Raketen landade i närheten av stadens järnvägsstation men inga skador har rapporterats.
Israel svarade på raketattacken med bombningar av terroristmål i Gaza.

IDF 'not interested in an escalation' after targeting dozens of Gaza terror sites

torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Fred - nerifrån upp eller uppifrån ner?

Ledare i Jerusalem Post: Two kinds of peace

"The bottom-up approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict posits that peace begins with people.

Only when both Israelis and Palestinians accept the notion that their societies are inexorably tied to one another will it be possible to realize peace...

...A new mall launched this week in Gush Etzion, which caters to both Israelis and Palestinians living in the area, exemplifies the potential power of the bottom- up approach to bringing about positive change. The three-story, 5,000-meter structure has 15 shops, including a FOX clothing outlet and home goods retailer.

During a small ribbon-cutting ceremony on the top floor that was attended mostly by politicians from the Right, Muslim women wearing hijabs and traditional dress could be seen shopping alongside religious Jewish women in skirts, and scarves tied over their hair. Here was coexistence in action..."